How to make a hybrid

"Entertaining and Educational"

Hybrid Car Fuel efficient

In this video I'll take you through a journey in which I transform a regular car into a hybrid vehicle.


You'll see many components, new ideas and get a chance to see how I was able to fit the parts together into one smooth running machine.

If you have any interest at all in more efficient cars, hybrids, electric vehicles, diesel engines, or just like working with your hands and challenging your mind take the adventure.

Some things you will see in this video may amaze you and may change your world forever as it did mine. After the project is finished we'll have some fun and take it to the streets for a test drive. So join me in the garage for a fun filled quest to find better fuel economy when you need it most.

Also, please note:

Many people have been disappointed by higher MPG claims than actual MPG with the hybrids sold today, including me. What I have stated in my video is the actual mileage of what I got over three tanks of fuel averaged and is better than any hybrid sold in America today.

55 MPG averaged over 3 tanks of fuel HWY
50 MPG city


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Neon Hybrid Car



2008 Project

Diesel Motorcycle

Frame: 1980 Kawasaki KL 250cc
Engine: 400cc Diesel
Transmission: CVT Comet clutch

Initial city/hwy mix test resulted 75 MPG
Cruising speed 55 MPH

More to come…

diesel motorcycle


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