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The Road Test.

Here is a typical road test I took to check the MPG of the neon. I started on the south end of Chippewa Falls , WI and ended up on the north side of Chippewa Falls. As you can see on the map, I took the scenic route! The trip was around 322 miles and I used 6.06 Gallons of fuel, one apple juice, some beef jerky and 12 radio stations. That gave me 53-mpg. There were about 20 towns and one section of road construction that slowed me to 25mph. I traveled this route to give me a real world test. This also gave me a good mixture of highway and city driving.

Here are the FACTS about the Road Test.

Fuel tank Capacity is 12.5 US gal.
Range 600 to 660 miles with 1/2 gal. to spare (that's at least 25 more miles).

Standard tires (no thin, hard low rolling resistance tires).
Fuel tank was full.
Windows open, sunny day.
One passenger.
Speed was 55-60 mph (slower only when posted).
Miles covered was 322 miles.
Fuel used 6.06 US gal.
MPG is 53 !



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MapQuest Chippewa Falls, WI



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